Upper Eye Lift and Lower Eye Lift


Upper Eye Lift and Lower Eye Lift in Charlotte

Many patients ask us “how can I look less tired?” or “how do I get rid of eyelid droopiness?”.   The answer lies in eyelid rejuvenation (blepharoplasty)!  Patients from within and outside Charlotte come to Queen City Plastic Surgery for eye procedures such as an upper eye lift or lower eye lift to achieve that well-rested look.  For some patients, hooded eyes can even impair their vision.  Many patients in Charlotte, NC and beyond look to Dr. Haque to help achieve that younger, fresher look through eyelid rejuvenation.

Is an eye lift right for me?  What eyelid rejuvenation procedures are there?

While most of our patients are between 40 and 60 years of age, blepharoplasty is for anyone that battles excess skin, a tired look and hooded eyes. When it comes to eyelid rejuvenation, there are two main options: upper eye lift or lower eye lift. When the natural contour of the upper lid is impaired due to sagging skin or when a patient suffers from puffiness in the eyelids, due to fat deposits, aging or genetics, upper lid surgery is recommended. A lower lid surgery is suggested when a patient’s white below the iris shows due to drooping lower lids and/or if a patient has excess skin around the lower eyelids.

What happens during my eye lift consultation with Dr. Haque in Charlotte, NC?

Dr. Haque understands that each patient is different with their own unique needs which is why the evaluation pre-surgery is so vital. Whether you are in Charlotte, NC or are visiting, coming to see Dr. Haque for an evaluation and consultation will help determine which eyelid rejuvenation procedures are right for you.  During your consultation, Dr. Haque will discuss what’s bothering you about the appearance or function of your eyelids, discuss options and explain recovery.  Dr. Haque will work with you to identify which eye procedure is best to meet your desired goals.

Some common factors that Dr. Haque will evaluate and discuss with you during your consultation include:

  • If fat removal is needed
  • Fold placement
  • Eyelid lifting and elevation
  • Tear gland placement
  • How the rest of the face will look proportionally
  • Removing or repositioning extra skin

Depending on your unique anatomy and goals, Dr. Haque may recommend another procedure such as a brow lift as part of your care plan.  

What happens during the eye lift procedure?

Eye lifts are generally outpatient procedures that do not require general anesthesia.  They can be done alone or in tandem with other procedures.  The procedures involve small incisions which are typically not noticeable and heal quickly.  Dr. Haque will perform the procedure based on your desired results.  

What is recovery from an eye lift like?

You will want someone to drive you home and then you should rest the day of your procedure.  The Queen City Plastic Surgery team will schedule a follow up appointment with Dr. Haque after you have had a chance to rest and he will examine you and see how you’re recovering.  You will get pre- and post- eye lift instructions from the Queen City Plastic Surgery team and we will review these with you before and after the procedure. If there are any modifications, Dr. Haque will go over these with you.  

You can expect minimal swelling and bruising post-treatment for around 2 weeks and once the swelling has a chance to go down, patients can expect long-lasting results.  If you are considering eyelid rejuvenation, call Queen City Plastic Surgery in Charlotte and take the first step!

For more information please visit the Queen City Plastic Surgery website, https://qcplasticsurgeons.com/cosmetic-surgery/face-surgery/eyelid-rejuvenation/ and call us at 704.372.5685 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Haque, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Charlotte, NC.  The Queen City Plastic Surgery office is conveniently located in the Arboretum area in South Charlotte, NC and offers surgical and non-surgical procedures to help you look and feel your best!

Sarah Knill is the Marketing Coordinator at Queen City Plastic Surgery (QCPS). Sarah is a self- proclaimed spiritual junkie and loves everything yoga! Be sure to ask Sarah about her favorite service offered by QCPS, the CosmoPen, which helps reduce fine lines, improve skintone, reduce acne scarring and more by stimulating collagen production.

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