Fat Injection Rejuvenation

Using your own fat for rejuvenation

Fat grafting is the least invasive technique to add volume, including facial rejuvenation as well as breast reconstruction. Autologous fat grafting is carried out by carefully harvesting the fat with liposuction from your thighs, abdomen, hips, or buttocks, which is an additional benefit for most patients who choose this treatment.

The fat is then processed in order to remove everything except your body’s fat cells. The concentrated fat then is injected with needles; doing away with the need for any incision. Over correction may be essential since not all of the fat injected will survive. Afterwards, a second or third stage of fat grafting may be needed.

This procedure can be used for:

 It can also be combined with other Cosmetic Surgery Procedures.

Dr Haque will help you decide which application can be ideal for you. Each person’s anatomy, needs and desired outcomes are different, so we carefully evaluate every individual and then offer a personalized surgical plan.

Facial Rejuvenation with Fat Grafting

As we age, facial soft tissues deflate and sag, which creates a hollow look around the eyes and cheeks. By reinstating volume to these areas, autologous fat grafting can recreate a more youthful and rested appearance. This procedure is carried out by injecting your body’s own fat into the cheeks, wrinkles around the mouth, and any sagging areas around your jaw to achieve a natural and younger look without using any incisions.

The time of recovery is much shorter as compared to various other techniques for facial rejuvenation.

Soft-Tissue Filler

This procedure can also be performed to help fill in and blunt wrinkles around the face, neck, cheeks, and forehead, Fat has been very beneficial in line around the check and furrows around the brow.

Contour Irregularities after Liposuction

At times after body contouring procedures and liposuction, people develop contour irregularities. They can be corrected by injecting fat without using incisions. Some over correction is needed because not all of the fat injected endures and a second or third stage of fat grafting may be required in certain cases.

Fat Grafting Breast Reconstruction

Fat grafting has considerably enhanced our skill to create a more natural look and feel to reconstructed breasts. It fills the hollows above the breast to achieve softer, fuller, and a natural look to the superior pole of reconstructed breasts. Additionally, the procedure can also fill the voids in the middle to achieve additional cleavage.

Fat Grafting Lip Enhancement

Please visit our Lip Enhancement page to learn about this fat grafting procedure in detail.  Most patients are happier with filler in the lips though.

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Fat grafting is a popular procedure that is minimally invasive. To find out more about what we can do for you with this procedure, feel free to Get in Touch with Us or call us at 704-372-5685. We also offer a number of Financing options that are perfect your individual budgets.

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