For many people in Charlotte, the effects of aging and gravity on the forehead can become particularly apparent over time. A brow lift or forehead lift can help people troubled by these developments to minimize the effects of aging and rejuvenate the face through plastic surgery. This procedure can reduce the appearance of wrinkle and frown lines, raise heavy eyebrows and restore a natural, confident appearance to the upper face.

Over the years, the face can develop an appearance of anger or discomfort due to sagging skin, wrinkles and lowered eyebrows. A brow lift in Charlotte, NC, can help people to achieve their aesthetic goals and improve their self-confidence along with their youthful look.

Are You A Good Candidate for a Charlotte Brow Lift?

If you are an adult who wants to address the signs of aging in the upper face, including wrinkles, frown lines or sagging eyebrows, a brow lift may be an appropriate plastic surgery procedure. Board-certified Charlotte plastic surgeon Dr. Enam Haque can reshape the brow to counteract the effects of gravity and aging to restore the appearance of youth.

This procedure is most effective for people who are in general good health and who are non-smokers. Dr. Haque can provide detailed information on the types of procedures available and help people to understand the results that they can achieve through a brow lift in Charlotte.

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How Is a Brow Lift Performed?

When you visit Queen City Plastic Surgery for a brow lift consultation, Dr. Haque will review your medical history and discuss your goals for your appearance. He will recommend the type of brow lift procedure that can help you enjoy a natural, alert and youthful appearance once again.

There are several different types of brow lift surgery that can help people to achieve incredible results, including endoscopic, temporal and conventional forehead lifts.

Endoscopic Brow Lift

In this procedure, Dr. Haque will make small incisions in the hairline with an endoscope that allows him to conduct the procedure at a microscopic level. The eyebrows will be lifted, while the muscles that form furrows will be weakened, leading to a smooth, youthful forehead and a greater appearance of comfort and alertness. This outpatient procedure is generally performed under local anesthesia or IV sedation.

Temporal Brow Lift

This minimally invasive surgical procedure makes use of a small incision at the back of the hairline. Dr. Haque places this tiny insertion so that no scarring will be visible on the face or forehead after the procedure. He will lift the lateral area of the eyebrow in order to restore a natural, youthful arch lost to time and gravity. While this procedure does not address the muscles leading to brow furrows, it can be combined with Botox for excellent, minimally invasive results.

Conventional Brow Lift

Best suited for people in Charlotte looking for a greater change to the appearance of the forehead, this procedure involves an incision at the back of the hairline that stretches from ear to ear. Because the incision is made in the hairline area, scars are generally covered as they heal. Dr. Haque lifts the skin and muscles to lift the eyebrows, weaken the muscles that cause wrinkles and remove excess skin or fatty deposits.


“Everything regarding my experience with Queen City Plastic Surgery and Dr. Haque was “top notch!” Dr Haque said that I didn’t need to return, however, out of respect for him and the way I was treated I am returning in July to let him take a look at the end result! My thanks again to Dr. Haque and his office! “

What Can You Expect After a Brow Lift?

Dr. Haque will provide patients with detailed recovery instructions designed to ease bruising and swelling after surgery. For the first week to 10 days after surgery, you should avoid vigorous exercise and keep your head elevated as you sleep. After 10 days to two weeks, you should be able to fully resume your normal activities and safely use cosmetics to cover any remaining swelling.

Schedule A Brow Lift Consultation in Charlotte, NC

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your forehead and brow due to the effects of aging, contact Queen City Plastic Surgery at 704-372-5685 or use our easy online form to request a brow lift consultation with Dr. Haque. He will review your medical records and provide detailed recommendations about how a brow lift could help you to rejuvenate your appearance.

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