What breast surgery is right for me?

Deciding on Breast Surgery

Many factors can affect the appearance of the breasts. You may have always had breasts that are smaller than you would like. Aging, pregnancy, and weight fluctuations may have caused your breasts to become elongated or saggy. You may want smaller breasts, or you may want to recreate breasts after a mastectomy.

Breast surgeries are among the most common procedures performed at Queen City Plastic Surgery.  Dr. Haque understands the importance of size, shape, and overall anatomy so that you get the look, shape and feel you desire.  Some of our patients have breast surgery by itself.  Others combine it with other procedures such as liposuction, tummy tuck, or CosmoPen.  When you meet with Dr. Haque he will listen to what you want and what is concerning you and help you identify a treatment plan that’s right for you.

Feeling good about the appearance of your breasts can improve your self-esteem, body image, and  even impact your quality of life. These procedures can renew and restore your body confidence.

Schedule a Consultation for breast surgery in Charlotte, NC

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Dr. Haque is a board-certified plastic surgeon and will examine you, listen to your goals and desires,
and help you identify the surgery that is right for you.

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