Scar Revision

Reducing the appearance of scars

The visibility of scars is unpredictable no matter if they are caused by surgery or accidents. The way they take shape depends on the healing process of your body as well as on the nature of injury or accident and on the expertise of the surgeon.  Many patients benefit from silicone and SPF, such as what is found in topical treatment such as Biocorneum.  However, in other cases, the scars do not improve and may require revision.

A number of variables can affect the harshness of scarring such as the supply of blood supply to the area, the size and depth of the wound, thickness of your skin, and more. The amount one is disturbed by the look of a scar is an individual issue.

Though no mark can be permanently removed Queen City Plastic Surgery can make the scar look better and make it less visible by injecting steroid medications or by means of a surgical procedure called scar revisions.

If you are thinking about scar revision, you should know that much depends on your individual circumstances. At your initial appointment, Dr. Haque will answer all your questions and help you decide upon the right course of action to achieve the most suitable outcome.  He will tell you if scar revision is likely to help or not and help you weigh the risks and benefits.

Making the Decision about Scar Revision

Certain scars that look ugly at first may become less visible over time. Certain scars can be treated with steroids in order to relieve symptoms including itching and tenderness. This is why a number of plastic surgeons advice waiting for about one year or so after an injury or surgery before deciding upon a scar revision.

If you are bothered by a scar, the first thing to do is to see Dr. Haque. He will examine you and also present the treatment techniques and inform you about the benefits and as well as the risks. You should not hesitate to discuss your expectations and ensure that your goals are realistic. Do not feel shy to ask any questions you might have.

Generally, insurance does not cover cosmetic procedures, however if scar revision is done in order to lessen scarring from an injury or to enhance your capability to function, it may be partly covered.

You need to see to your policy and call your carrier to find out more.

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