Hand Injuries

Surgical Treatment of Hand Injury

Among the most common procedures in hand surgery are those which are performed in order to repair injured hands, such as injuries to the tendons, joints, nerves, blood vessels, fractured bones and cuts. The latest techniques have improved the surgeon’s ability to reinstate the function and looks of the hand even in serious injuries.

Some of the present techniques used by plastic and hand surgeons are:

  • Grafting. It includes the transfer of bone, skin, nerves, or other tissue from a healthy area of the body to repair the injured area.
  • Flap surgery. It encompasses moving the skin with its muscle, fat, and blood vessels, from a healthy body area to the damaged part.
  • Replantation or transplantation. It includes the restoring amputated fingers or hands with the help of microsurgery, an exact and subtle surgery carried out under magnification. Certain injuries may call for a number of operations.

Mostly, surgery can reinstate a noteworthy degree of sensation and function to injured hands. But, recovery may require months, and a time of hand therapy will generally be required.

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