Breast Surgery Recovery

Many patients have questions about breast surgery and what breast surgery recovery entails.  While there are differences based on your specific procedure and how you heal, there are some aspects of recovery that are fairly consistent.  After your breast surgery, you will be carefully monitored to make sure that you are healing as expected. Generally, recovery time lasts several weeks.

After your Breast Surgery

After your surgery, you will feel sore due to the procedure itself. You may also feel drowsy for a day or two from the anesthesia. Dr. Haque will send you home with post-procedure instructions. These will include use of a bandage or compression garment, which will press the breasts to the body.

At the early stage of your recovery, cold compresses and ice packs can help alleviate swelling and prevent bruising. You can also or make a solution of 1 part rubbing alcohol to 3 parts cold water to make a compress solution for the incision area.

The First Week After Surgery

After breast surgery, you will feel uncomfortable and tired for a few days. You should arrange for a caregiver, such as a close friend or family member, to help you during this time. It is advised to walk around to minimize the risk of blood clot formation. Walking also helps to lessen swelling.

Typically, patients can go back to work after about a week. However, you will still be healing, so you should limit physical activity and get plenty of rest. It is essential to avoid heavy lifting and strenuous exercise until advised by Dr. Haque.

You must also remember the following:

Several Weeks After Surgery During Breast Surgery Recovery

For the next several weeks, your breast will feel quite sensitive. It may take over a month for your swelling to go down, and you must avoid exhausting activity during this period. Depending on your recovery, Dr. Haque may clear you to exercise a month following your surgery. Incisions will slowly fade after 2 months following the surgery and become less visible with time.

Look for Warning Signs during breast surgery recovery

During the recovery time, please place close attention to your general health. If you experience any of these signs, you must get in touch with us immediately:

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