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Many people in Charlotte may want to achieve a more youthful, yet natural appearance. Over time, pollution, sun exposure and the effects of aging can cause the skin of the face to sag and develop wrinkles and fine lines. A facelift is a surgical procedure that can address the effects of time on the face and help people to enjoy a rejuvenated appearance by tightening muscles, smoothing the skin and eliminating unwanted fat deposits.

At Queen City Plastic Surgery, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Enam Haque can help each patient to achieve his or her aesthetic goals. Each facelift is a unique procedure customized and tailored for a natural, beautiful outcome.

What Can You Expect From a Facelift?

Several different types of facelift procedures can help people to achieve their aesthetic vision. Dr. Haque can recommend the best option for each patient based on their unique needs, including a thread lift, mini facelift or a standard facelift.

In most cases, facelifts are performed under general anesthesia. Some options may also be possible to pursue under local anesthesia and sedation. A mini facelift allows for smaller incisions and reduced recovery time, but the procedure is more limited than that of a standard, full facelift.

A full facelift is a complete rejuvenation of the neck and lower face. It has a longer recovery time but the most complete results. In all cases, your surgeon will carefully place your incisions in order to ensure that they remain undetectable over time.

How Does a Facelift Work?

Early facelifts were mostly about tightening the skin. While they were a major advance in plastic surgery, today’s facelift procedures are advanced, producing a natural appearance and long-lasting results. Your plastic surgeon will address muscle, skin, and fat for a transformation of the appearance of the face that can help the years fade away.

People who have signs of aging but retain some elasticity in the skin will enjoy some of the best results of a facelift, including people in their 40s through their 70s and beyond. Your plastic surgeon will provide you with detailed information and images in your consultation to help you envision the results of a facelift.

This kind of plastic surgery procedure isn’t only designed for rejuvenation. It’s designed to enhance the appearance of the face overall, with results that remain natural and beautiful as time passes. A facelift can be an excellent choice for both women and men who want to maximize their facial appearance and youthfulness.

Your surgeon will make an incision near the contour of the ear or the back of the neck. The facial skin will be separated from underlying tissue and muscle and tightened, moving it upward for a natural, beautiful appearance that looks supple, not “tight.” In addition, your plastic surgeon will position deeper facial tissues to eliminate jowls and excess skin, creating a firmer, more resilient foundation and contour.

Who is a Candidate for a Facelift?

Good candidates for a facelift are adults dealing with saggy and loose skin and other effects of aging, particularly in the lower half of the face. As a result, most people who choose a facelift are 40 and up, although the procedure can be effective on adults of any age. People dealing with loose, sagging skin, jowls or facial folds can address their concerns with this cosmetic procedure.

An ideal candidate has some skin elasticity for the most effective, natural results. Non-smokers are best suited for a facelift and other types of cosmetic procedures, as they are protected from certain risks associated with smoking. In addition, for best results, facelift candidates should be happy with their weight and plan to remain at their current weight. Weight fluctuations can affect the results of a facelift by leading to additional excess loose skin or fat deposits.

Can A Facelift Be Combined With Other Procedures?

You may want to consider a facelift in conjunction with other procedures. Dr. Haque will provide you with personalized recommendations about the types of surgical procedures that can help you achieve your aesthetic goals. People may want to pursue a neck lift, brow lift, eyelid surgery or other procedures for overall rejuvenation. Since a facelift primarily addresses the lower area of the face, some patients may want to pursue these procedures in order to rejuvenate the upper area of the face.

What Is Recovery After A Facelift Like?

Your plastic surgeon and the team at Queen City Plastic Surgery will provide you with detailed recovery protocols and information to help protect the results of your facelift. A facelift is a complicated, highly skilled procedure. In most cases, patients can resume their normal activities after around two weeks following a standard facelift. People who opt for a mini facelift will have a shorter recovery period.

While most people wait two weeks to return to work – and four weeks for heavy lifting and strenuous exercise – people can often go out in public around one week after the surgery. Your surgeon will give you detailed instructions about when and how you can use products on your face, including sunscreen and camouflaging foundation makeup.

You can expect the results of a facelift to last and age naturally as you do. After a facelift, you will continue to appear many years younger as you age. Some ways that people can help to protect the results of their surgery include maintaining a stable weight, keeping up with skincare and maintaining sun protection.

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