In-office Fat Reduction and Skin Tightening

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What are BodyTite and FaceTite?

BodyTite is a new, in-office, minimally invasive procedure that can help spot reduce fat and tighten skin. It’s done with in-office liposuction to remove fat and tighten skin with little to no downtime!  BodyTite and its facial companion, FaceTite, can be used to shape and tighten areas from head to toe.  Men and women alike will like BodyTite and FaceTite to remove fat and tighten skin.  Popular areas include the tummy, love handles, thighs, chest area, double chin, and lower face.  Men like it for gynecomastia as well.  This is a safe and effective way to reduce fat and tighten skin without surgery.  Queen City Plastic Surgery is the first to offer this groundbreaking technology to patients in Charlotte and beyond.

During an in-office procedure with minimal discomfort, radio frequency will be used so that the skin and tissue which holds the fat cells to your body will shrink to give your body a tighter, more contoured shape.  BodyTite and FaceTite can be used in tandem with in-office liposuction for even better results. it has proven effective due to the internal radio frequency waves stimulating the vertical fibers (fibro septum network- FNS) to ensure that the connective issues remain connected to these tissue elements to the skin.  This means that it helps tighten the skin and reduce fat.

How does BodyTite work?

Dr. Haque will strategically insert a canula into an inconspicuous part of the body to limit scarring. That coupled with an external electrode focuses energy into the area you want to tighten.  From there, patented RFAL (Radio Frequency Assisted Liposculpting) technology will be used to gently melt and remove excess fat and tighten skin. This can be coupled with in-office liposuction or done alone, depending on the results you want.

How does BodyTite differ from other in-office spot reduction procedures in Charlotte such as CoolSculpt or SculpSure?

BodyTite and FaceTite use the newest technology, which have shown marked improvements compared to older technologies that are available.  In addition, BodyTite involves in-office liposuction so the fat will be removed.  BodyTite is more aggressive, and requires a board-certified plastic surgeon for optimal results, unlike some other treatments which do not require that degree of expertise.  In addition, BodyTite and FaceTite can be completed in one treatment, versus a series of treatments.  BodyTite and FaceTite work to get you the results you want through RFAL without the scalpel. The technology allows for reduced swelling and discomfort post-procedure. Through eliminating the fatty deposits in the targeted areas patients will also experience improvements in their body contour.

What is FaceTite?

FaceTite also utilizes the patented RFAL, however, with a smaller probe, to target areas of the face and neck. If you have been thinking about a face lift, neck lift or of getting rid of that double chin but don’t want the commitment of surgery, FaceTite is a great option.

Leading the way for In-office spot reduction in Charlotte, NC

Queen City Plastic Surgery offers both FaceTite and BodyTite in our South Charlotte office located across from the Arboretum and will be performed by Dr. Haque. Patients can look forward to recognizing the results immediately with maximum results at 3 – 6 months. This procedure can be done in the office with minimal downtime.

Queen City Plastic Surgery is the first to offer this ground-breaking treatment in Charlotte, NC. This can help boost collagen production, tighten skin and reduce fat.  It can also be combined with in-office liposuction for even greater results. To learn more about how to get surgery-like results without the surgery, call us to schedule your appointment today!  Queen City Plastic Surgery is conveniently located in the Arboretum area of Charlotte and the number is 704-372-5685.