The 4-1-1 on BodyTite and FaceTite


The 4-1-1 on BodyTite and FaceTite

The latest in minimally invasive spot reduction and skin tightening is now available in Charlotte, NC!

What are BodyTite and FaceTite?

BodyTite is a new, in-office, minimally invasive procedure that can help spot reduce fat and tighten skin.  Queen City Plastic Surgery is the first to offer this ground-breaking treatment in Charlotte, NC.  BodyTite and its facial companion, FaceTite, can be used to shape and tighten areas from head to toe. During a quick procedure with minimal discomfort, Dr. Haque will use radio frequency so that the skin and tissue which holds the fat cells to your body will shrink to give your body a tighter, more contoured shape.

BodyTite and FaceTite can be used in tandem with in-office liposuction.  During your complimentary consultation, Dr. Haque will discuss your goals and desires with you and help you decide which approach to reducing fat, tightening skin and reshaping areas is best for you.

Who is BodyTite and/or FaceTite for?

Anyone with a goal of reducing fat while not leaving behind saggy skin should consider BodyTite and FaceTite. BodyTite is also beneficial to tighten loose or wrinkly skin that has lost elasticity either from weight loss or natural aging. BodyTite distinguishes itself by treating fat in those stubborn areas of the body, while also leaving those areas tighter.

If you want results that are close to surgical but without the downtime, scars or time involved with surgery, BodyTite and FaceTite are for you!  For example, many of our patients say that they want to tighten the upper arms, especially for summer.  Liposuction alone might remove the fat but not tighten the skin.  An arm lift might have visible scarring.  BodyTite is a great alternative for those patients who experience both upper arm skin laxity and irregular body contours. It can be used from head to toe!

What areas of the body does BodyTite target?

BodyTite can be used throughout the body.  Another benefit of BodyTite is that multiple areas can be treated during the same visit. Some of the most common areas are the stomach, arms, chest, knees, and inner/outer thighs. However, if you have a spot that’s bothering you, set up a consultation and Dr. Haque will tell you if it’s feasible.

What makes BodyTite so effective?  How is it different from other in-office treatments such as CoolSculpt or SculpSure?

CoolSculpt and SculpSure are very popular.  People like them because they can be done in the office on an outpatient basis. The mechanism for BodyTite is different from either of those and requires a physician to perform the procedure, rather than a tech or aesthetician.  Thus, BodyTite and FaceTite are more aggressive treatments and can provide greater fat reduction and tightening.  One reason Queen City Plastic Surgery is excited to offer BodyTite and FaceTite is that this is the forefront of technology for in-office spot reduction and skin tightening.

Dr. Haque will be very strategic in where he places your access ports keeping the end result in mind. Once the silicone-coated, internal radio frequency electrode is inserted in the body it will move into the fat starting the contour process while emitting radio frequency electrical waves that will heat the localized fat allowing for a fairly simple extraction.  

BodyTite has proven so effective is due to the internal radio frequency waves stimulating the vertical fibers called fibro septum network (FSN) to ensure that the connective issues remain connected to these tissue elements to the skin. The BodyTite radiofrequency- assisted reduction coupled with in-office liposuction contracts the FSN by providing results similar to tummy tucks, arm lift, neck lift and inner thigh lift without the use of an incision or scarring.  

When will I know if BodyTite or FaceTite worked for me?

Results will be noticeable immediately, however, you can look forward to seeing the best results within 3-6 months of treatment which is why BodyTite is next best thing to a surgical tummy tuck or face lift for patients who do not want to have a dramatic surgery.

What is the recovery from BodyTite like?

That will vary based on the area being treated but generally, you are looking at between 1-2 days of being sore with the more sensitive areas taking up to 10 days.  Dr. Haque will review pre- and post- procedure instructions with you so that you can get the best result.

How does FaceTite work?

FaceTite is the companion to BodyTite. Using the same technology but with a smaller probe, this procedure will target areas on the face and neck, including double chin, jowl line and other areas with loose skin.

If you have been thinking about a face lift, neck lift or of getting rid of that double chin but don’t want the commitment of surgery, FaceTite is a great option.

In-office spot reduction in Charlotte, NC

To learn more about how to remove fat and tighten skin in an outpatient, in-office procedure, please call 704.372.5685 to schedule your consultation with Enam Haque, MD, FACS, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Charlotte, NC.

Sarah Knill is the Marketing Coordinator at Queen City Plastic Surgery (QCPS), which is conveniently located in the Arboretum area of Charlotte, NC. Sarah is a self-proclaimed spiritual junkie and loves everything yoga! Be sure to ask Sarah about her favorite service offered by QCPS, microneedling for fine lines and to improve skin quality.


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