Hand Rejuvenation in Charlotte

Our hands work hard for us every day. This shows as we age through age spots, loss of size, protruding veins and wrinkles. Hand rejuvenation through volume enhancement can help to improve the appearance of your hands. There are a number of techniques for hand rejuvenation and Dr. Haque will work with you to help determine the methods that are appropriate for you.

Fat Grafting to Make Hands look Younger

Fat grafting can help restore volume to your hands. Autologous fat grafting is done by harvesting the fat with liposuction from various areas of your body such as hips, abdomen, or buttocks. This step is considered an additional advantage for many. In the next step, the concentrated fat is injected with little needles, removing the requirement for any incision. Some over correction is essential since not all of the fat injected survives and a second stage of fat grafting may be needed.

Radiesse® for Hand Rejuvenation

This method includes smooth calcium hydroxy apatite micro spheres that are deferred in a gel to perk up collagen production in the body. Radiesse® must be injected with care in order to avoid clumping or abnormal deposits; however, when it is done in the right way it can improve the look of your hand to a great extent. This is why Dr. Haque will perform the injections personally in order to minimize complications and pain, making sure your results last for a longer period of time. Most of our patients experience great transformations following the procedures and the results may last one year or more. Certain nerve blocks or topical numbing cream are used before injection in order to make sure of your ease and to minimize discomfort. Patients may get back to their regular lives on the same day they undergo a procedure.

Schedule a Consultation for Hand Rejuvenation in Charlotte

Your hands work hard every day, but don’t need to look like it.
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