Breast Lift After Bariatric Surgery

Breast Lift After Weight Loss or Pregnancy

When women lose weight (especially large amounts of weight in a short period of time), have children, or go through other changes, their breasts may start to appear deflated and saggy. Many women address this through changing clothing, lingerie or weight lifting.  When these don’t work, some turn to the breast lift.

What is involved in the breast lift?

  1. Repositioning the nipples of the breasts to a higher position
  2. Utilizing the existing tissues of the breasts to create fuller and natural breasts
  3. The use of implants during the procedure MAY occur if the breast lift is performed in tandem with breast augmentation

Is a breast lift right for me?

This procedure is indicated for:

  1. Women who have lost fullness of breasts
  2. Women who have stretched skin afterweight loss
breast lift illustration

Financing / Insurance for Your Cosmetic Surgery

Our cosmetic surgery team constantly evaluates multiple companies to find the most reliable financing options for our patients. Please view our financing page to learn about the options available to you.

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