Body Contouring After Weight Loss

Those who have had bariatric surgery might be distraught at the sight of loose skin around their tummies or because of sagging skin.

Body contouring is a very effective post surgery in cases where surgery leaves specific areas of the body sagging. This procedure helps is tightening and rejuvenating this skin. In the first phase of the procedure the lower body is lifted. Upon completion of this phase, Dr Haque then proceeds to lift the breasts and the arms. In the final phases the medial thigh lift is performed followed by a face or a neck lift.

Those who undergo this procedure will have to maintain a healthy diet prior to and after the healing process starts. The patients who are to undergo this procedure are advised to consume protein shakes or juices about a month before and after the surgery.

Those patients who undergo this procedure are guided at every step before and after the surgery and personalized surgical plans are developed for them according to the needs of their bodies.

Scheduling plastic surgery after weight loss in Charlotte, NC

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