Neck Lift for Men

Neck lift and double chin reduction for men

Are you worried about the signs of aging that show in your face or neck? You may not feel very comfortable with the thickness of your neck and wish to explore options to redefine a masculine contour to your neckline. Numerous men are interested in a neck lift or facetite for the neck.

We have a number of different types of neck lifts for men, including:

Generally, one or more of these procedures are used to get the desired appearance.


This procedure is used in a neck lift. It is like liposuction for other parts of the body. Many men have surplus fat deposits under the chin. A small incision is made to liposuction additional fat from this part. In case the fat has acumulated around the sides or in the front of the neck, we may also make use of liposuction to decrease the fat in these regions.


Some men experience a weakening of the central bands of muscle on the necks that adds to surplus fat to make a bulky, “banded” look of the neck. This procedure involves a neck lift to tightens the lax central bands of muscle and create a smoother shape of the neck line.


Cervicoplasty is a procedure that is best suited for those who experience loose appearance of the neck due to excess skin. This procedure includes the tightening of neck muscles in addition to the removal of additional skin through incisions at the back the jaws or beneath the ears to get rid of excess skin.

A full neck lift will give the best improvement in look but may not be essential for everyone. We will discuss your aesthetic objectives during your consultation and determine the type of procedure that is best suited for your particular needs.

Neck Lift Recovery

Recovering from a neck lift procedure varies from patient to patient. The recovery time will be longer for those who undergo a more extensive surgery. All procedures need time of recovery and you must keep yourself nourished and well hydrated.

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