My results are just what I expected! I was excited to finally get the procedure done, after fighting with my insurance company since April 2016 and finally getting approved in November 2016. I love Dr. Haque, he has great humor and is very thorough and honest. He tells it like it is and does not sugar coat anything so I knew exactly what to expect. His nurse Sarah is great also! They are all very nice and courteous and of course I can’t leave out the receptionist Abby. She is amazing too! Very small office and a very comfortable experience, recovery was so quick too, 2 weeks and I was back to work, looking and feeling great! This has been one of the best decisions of my life, no more back, shoulder or neck pain and my breasts were very large, I dropped about 4 bra sizes, and he still made me look very proportionate, he did not remove too much, as the rest of my body is not small.

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