MOHS Reconstruction

People in Charlotte with skin cancer may receive Mohs surgery, a treatment designed to remove skin cancer by progressively targeting layers of skin until only cancer-free skin remains. This precise treatment is designed to remove skin cancer with minimal damage to the surrounding healthy skin. 

Board-certified Charlotte plastic surgeon Dr. Enam Haque works closely with many Mohs surgeons in the area to perform post-Mohs reconstruction surgery. Every patient requires a unique, personalized plan to restore tissue. Dr. Haque works in coordination with your Mohs surgeon, dermatologist, and oncologist for an integrated approach to help you achieve the best results possible.

Benefits of Post-Mohs Reconstructive Surgery

People recovering from skin cancer are often eager to put the experience behind them. Post-Mohs reconstructive surgery can be an important method that allows people to restore their appearance after eliminating skin cancer. Mohs surgery is designed to ensure maximum precision and full eradication of cancerous growths, and post-Mohs reconstruction restores your natural beauty. This procedure can improve the look of your skin and eliminate the signs of skin cancer treatment and surgery.

Post-Mohs reconstruction can be particularly important after a skin cancer treatment in a sensitive or highly visible area of the body, such as the face. Because the surgery is performed layer by layer in such a way to ensure that the cancer is fully eradicated, deeper-set or larger cancers may leave scarring behind. Many of our reconstructive procedures can take place shortly after the initial surgery, with little time gap involved.

How Is Post-Mohs Reconstruction Performed?

There are several options that can be used to address the damage to the skin after cancer and Mohs surgery. In each case, the technique chosen reflects the location of the surgery and the extent of cancer. Some of the techniques that Dr. Haque uses to produce natural, beautiful results include the following:


“Can’t say enough good things about Dr Haque! He takes his time, is extremely thorough and does excellent work! Very professional & great bedside manners! Highly recommended! His responsiveness to our needs far exceeded our expectations! “

Dr. Haque takes great care in designing an individualized plan for post-Mohs reconstruction, with suture lines positioned to match the unique curves and appearance of your face for a natural appearance with minimal scarring. 

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If you are receiving skin cancer treatment and are planning post-Mohs reconstructive surgery, contact Queen City Plastic Surgery at 704-372-5685 or use our easy online form. to schedule a consultation with Dr. Haque. Dr. Haque will work with your medical team to develop a thorough, comprehensive plan to restore your appearance after skin cancer.

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