Facial Fillers in Charlotte, NC

Restylane® is an injectable filler that contains hyaluronic acid, which is very beneficial for skin rejuvenation. It is one of the most useful non-surgical facial treatments. Hyaluronic acid is a natural ingredient which is totally safe to use; there is no need of performing an allergy test separately because this is a pure natural compound. Our patients like this filler for getting rid of facial imperfections, particularly signs of aging. The injections are useful for reducing wrinkles that appear just above the lips, around the eyes and in between the mouth and nose. Restylane® is capable of adding volume and reviving your facial features, making you look much fresher and more youthful.

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How long do fillers last?

Generally speaking, the effects will last for 6 to 9 months. . In order to make sure that the cosmetic benefits are maximized and complications are minimized, Dr. Haque performs injections himself.  While there is a very low risk of complications, you want fillers to be injected by someone with experience, expertise and skills to make your results the best that they can be.

Facial Fillers and other Injectables in Charlotte, NC

If you want to learn more about facial fillers and other injectables, please contact Queen City Plastic Surgery or call us at 704-372-5685 to schedule an appointment.

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