Once someone has lost a significant amount of unwanted weight, depending on how many pounds were lost, the result could mean lots of excess skin that can be challenging to deal with. All the extra loose skin can easily make anyone very self-conscious, in spite of the amazing accomplishment of losing so much weight.

It is not only women who suffer from excess sagging skin after massive weight loss skin as many men also face this issue.

This excess, sagging of skin can often be found around the thigh area and to get rid of this extra skin, a thigh lift is a great solution.

Preparing for Your Thigh Lift

Before going for thigh lift surgery, it’s best to have some knowledge of the procedure and post-surgery requirements to ensure the best possible results. Dr Haque will certainly help educate you on every facet of the procedure and will ensure you’re as prepared as possible prior to your thigh lift surgery.

Thigh Lift (Body Contouring) Surgery Recovery

In the early weeks following the surgery, patients are asked to wear firm, tight clothes. The openings on the skin after the surgery will take almost two to three weeks to heal and no exercise should be done as it can interfere with the body’s healing process.

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