For most women, losing a significant amount of weight results in breasts that appear deflated and the stretched skin begins to sag.

When women undergo weight loss their breasts start appearing deflated and saggy. To resolve this issue most of them opt for a breast lift which is also referred to as amastopexy. This process involves:

  1. Repositioning the nipples of the breasts to a higher position
  2. Utilizing the existing tissues of the breasts to create fuller and natural breasts
  3. The use of implants during the procedure is optional

With the help of the use of the implants the upper pole of the breasts can be made to appear fuller or larger. It is extremely essential to find seasoned professionals in the medical field when it comes to selecting the surgeon to perform this procedure. This procedure is not easy on the wallet. Thus one must find professionals who have an excellent reputation in the industry for their skills. These surgeons reshape the breast tissues under the skin to give it the desired look rather than simply manipulating the skin. When only the skin is manipulated the results do not last long. Moreover these surgeons will make use of the patient’s own tissues and skin and preserve the blood supply to these flaps which are then sealed to the area on top of the breast for a fuller appearance. However, those who provide mediocre services often overlook this and discard these essential tissues and skin.

To maximize the cosmetic results, most of the women who opt for a mastopexy often combine this procedure with:

  1. Upper body lift
  2. Arm lift

Through the mastopexy procedure patients will be able to:

  1. Get rid of saggy breasts
  2. Elevate the nipple
  3. Have perkier looking breasts

This procedure is ideal for:

  1. Women who have lost fullness of breasts
  2. Women who have stretched skin afterweight loss

breast lift beforebreast lift afterWomen who consider undergoing a mastopexy procedure should include high protein foods in their daily diets. Protein is the building block of the body and will help in healing the incisions at a rapid rate. Some doctors may advise their patients to take certain nutritional supplements to boost the recovery of their bodies. Also, patients are told to keep their bodies nicotine free not only after the surgery but before the surgery as well. This helps in drastically reducing the chances of post-surgery complications. For a post mastopexy procedure, the patients might be required to wear a sports bra. This bra is ideal in providing a compression to support the breasts during the healing phase which might take up to three weeks. Patients will also have to be vigilant about taking care of their incisions and keepingthemmoist. They will also be required to use antibiotic ointment on these to prevent infections and boost healing.

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