In general terms a body lift involves:

  1. A circumferential abdominoplasty (i.e. belt lipectomy)
  2. A buttock lift
  3. An outer thigh lift

Those who have lost a lot of weight, possibly after bariatric surgery, often opt for this procedure which is performed under general anesthesia.  Some of the primary benefits include:

  1. A flatter abdomen
  2. Better contoured thighs
  3. Improved shape and curvature of lower back
  4. Improved shape and curvature of buttocks

A post-weightloss body lift has helped many women defy the aging process and enjoy a youthful appearance. Because the requirements of every patient are unique you are encouraged to communicate their needs early in the process so Dr Haque can evaluate and personalize the patients’ surgical plans and work together towards meeting their goals and expectations.

post-weight loss body lift

Who’s a Candidate for a Post-Weight Loss Body Lift?

  1. Anyone that has experienced drastic weight loss
  2. Those that have undergone gastric bypass or any type of bariatric surgery
  3. Anyone looking to improve the shape and contour of their lower torso
  4. Anyone looking to improve the shape and contour of the outer thighs

Recovering After Your Lower Body Lift

As you prepare for this procedure you may be asked to stop taking any medicines that may be a cause of increased bleeding such as:

  1. Aspirin
  2. Plavix
  3. Ibuprofen
  4. Alleve
  5. Advil
  6. Vitamin E, etc.

You are also advised to be vigilant about the rise and fall of your blood pressure and for this reason, you may also asked to stop smoking three weeks before the procedure and a few weeks afterwards. It is important to mention at this point that nicotine decreases the flow of blood to the skin and curbs the healing process in patients which could lead to complications of the wound or the incision.

You will be asked to take special nutritional supplements and increase their take of protein through the use of protein shakes and juices. This change in the daily diet regime must be started about three weeks prior to the procedure. Throughout the healing process, you are advised to keep your body nourished and well hydrated.

After the surgery, Dr Haque may advise you to wear compression garments. You may also be required to spend some time in the hospital for observation and to help with pain management.

The scar or the incisions caused during the surgery can be reduced in appearance in multiple ways. Massaging the area and applying firm finger pressure to it will help in decreasing the swelling. The use of paper tape and silicone gel also helps with minimizing any potential scars. Other than this, you can also use commercial products like:

  1. Mederma
  2. Vitamin E

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