Women who have large pendulous breasts due to genetics or as a result of pregnancy may have considerable health impacts because of them. A number of issues such as neck, back, or shoulder pain or skin irritation may result from overly large breasts.

If you are one of these women, having breast reduction surgery can be the perfect solution for you. It can do away with the associated pain and also help to improve the breast size and shape. This treatment can also help you have more proportionate breasts in relation to your overall body.

Breast reduction is performed by reducing the surplus glandular breast tissue and skin and relocating the nipples so they are higher. Various plastic surgeons perform this procedure but not all surgeons use the same breast reduction techniques. Most conventional methods of breast reduction lead to a boxy shape of the breast over time. Conventional techniques may also create large scars

Here at Queen City Plastic Surgery, we have the expertise and experience with up-to-the-minute techniques that reduce scarring, enable the breast to have additional projection, have a natural shape and longer lasting results.

We believe that the anatomy and needs of every person is unique. This is why we examine every patient and offer a customized plan for every individual. Our cosmetic surgery team will provide detailed guidance about this treatment.

Breast Reduction Procedure

breast reduction surgery

This procedure is carried out by making incisions around the nipple-areola complex and downwards in a perpendicular direction. The nipple is left linked to the breast tissue in order to preserve the blood vessels and nerves linking the nipple. The surplus skin and breast tissue is removed, and the breast is contoured to achieve a natural form that is balanced with the overall body.

Breast Reduction surgery is carried out under general anesthesia as an outpatient basis.

Who Should Get Breast Reduction Surgery?

Women with back, neck, and/or shoulder pain due to large pendulous breasts can benefit from this procedure. Men with excess breast tissue due to genetics can also benefit from this procedure.

How To Prepare For The Treatment?

Patients are advised to quit smoking one month before undergoing this procedure as it can lead to serious complications, such as loss of the nipple-areola complex and wound healing issues because of a decrease in circulation to the skin.


Patients are advised to use a supportive bra for about three to four weeks following the surgery. Generally, no drains are used after the treatment and the sutures are dissolvable.

As the incision starts to heal, you can use a variety of methods to minimize the size and look of the mark. For example, massaging the scar with fingers will help reduce the swelling and the scar begins to blend in to your skin color. Besides, paper tape and silicone gel sheeting can help to lessen the scars. Some patients find that products such as Vitamin E are useful.

How To Finance Your Surgery?

Generally, breast reductions are generally covered by insurance plans. Pre-authorization from your insurance company is essential to understand the scope of your benefits.

If your insurance does not cover this surgery, our office can assist you with alternative financing. Please see our Financing page for more details.

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