A chemical peel is a cosmetic procedure used to rejuvenate the appearance of your skin through accelerated exfoliation and skin regeneration. Peels are used to renew and repair the skin to treat a number of skin conditions such as fine lines and wrinkles, mild scarring, acne, pigmentation unevenness such as freckles and age spots, and early signs of aging.

Dr. Haque performs many types of peels including medium and deep peels to obtain optimal results.

chemical peel

Is a Chemical Peel Right For You?

A chemical peel is an appropriate solution for a number of skin conditions. This includes removing softening facial scars and combating early signs of aging. Dr. Haque will customize a peel regimen specifically for you based on your needs.

Some health insurance plans may provide coverage for this treatment. Our office can assist in checking your policy for your specific skin condition.

What to Expect From Your Chemical Peel

Dr. Haque will determine the specific peel that is right for you based on your specific skin concerns, timelines and desired results. Generally, patients are able to resume normal activities very quickly after a peel. Regardless of the type of peel, sun protection and proper skincare are extremely important to maintain beautiful results.

Setting up a Consultation

Contact Us in order to set up an appointment and to find out more about how a chemical peel may help you look younger and achieve beautiful skin.