Migraines are Debilitating

Millions of Americans suffer from migraine headaches but have not found relief. If you have migraine that has not responded to other treatment, Queen City Plastic Surgery maybe be able to help through an outpatient surgical procedure.

Migraine headaches severely impact sufferers both personally and professionally. Some common methods of treatment are medication, acupuncture or massage. When these treatments do not provide relief, outpatient nerve release can help.

Migraine surgery can reduce or relieve pain to a considerable extent by treating the root cause of the problem. Generally, a patient’s migraine pain stems from the similar part area. These areas of pain can be located nasally, frontally, temporally, or occipitally.

When the source of pain is known, migraine surgery may prove to be useful to lessen migraine headaches in the future. After the treatment, some will find their migraine headaches have totally ended.

Is Surgical Treatment of Migraines Right for Me?

Maybe!  If you have medication-resistant migraine, then this treatment may be right for you. The International Headache Society has information that would help to identify the exact nature of a patient’s headaches, enabling Dr. Haque to decide the patient’s standing for treatment. Since not all headaches have the same cause, not every patient with headaches will be a suitable candidate for this treatment. If you have tried Botox for migraine or have been blocked and have had that work, those are good signs that surgical treatment of medication-resistant migraine might be right for you.

What is Surgical Treatment of Migraine?

Dr. Haque has extensive training and experience in surgical treatment of migraine.  In this outpatient surgery, he releases the specific nerves in the head and neck that cause migraine. This decompression procedure relieves the nerve from constrictive tissue and may release the chronic compression that causes migraine.

Recovery After Surgical Treatment of Migraine

Dr. Haque will review his pre- and post- operative instructions with you prior to the procedure so that you know what to expect.  He will follow you after the procedure and adjust the instructions as needed.  Patients are recommended to rest for a week after the treatment, avoiding constant activity. Pain medication can be useful in order to relieve any swelling or bruising that take place due to treatment.  Our patients have reported that this surgery has changed their lives and made it possible to live a life without pain

Schedule a Consultation for Surgical Treatment of Migraine in Charlotte

Before your first consultation, you should fill out the Migraine Headache QuestionnaireWhile we encourage you to complete the questionnaire prior to your visit, if you are not able to do so, you can complete it in the office.

Our office can arrange to obtain records from your neurologist or treating physician regarding the diagnosis and earlier treatment of your problem. Dr. Haque will discuss options with you during your consultation based on these items, your symptoms and examination.

To learn more about surgical treatment of migraine or to schedule an appointment, please get in touch with us or call us at 704-372-5685 to learn about your options.

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