An inflammation of the joints, Arthritis is a disabling condition that can affect the look and the function of various body parts including the hands. Generally, this condition effects finger and deforms their shape in addition to forcing them into a bent position. As a result, the movement of your hands is affected.

Disabilities that result due to rheumatoid arthritis can generally be managed without surgery; for example, using physical therapy to give power to the weakened parts. But for some, surgery offers the most suitable way. You can make up your mind if you should have a surgery or not in consultation with your rheumatologist and your surgeon.

Dr Haque can repair or reconstruct any part of your hand or wrist by means of doing away with tissue from repositioning tendons, inflamed joints, , or implanting artificial joints. Although your hand may not become completely functional, with the help of the treatment you can expect a considerable improvement in look and function. Yet it is vital to keep in mind that surgical repair doesn’t remove the underlying ailment. Arthritis can continue to harm your hand, which may call for additional surgery, and you may have to visit your rheumatologist as well.

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