Labial rejuvenation is designed to address enlarged labia minor, which can lead to psychosocial or functional impairments. Also known as labiaplasty, labia reduction is a procedure used to tone and make the labia folds more symmetric, enabling you to feel better and be delighted with your appearance.

Patients who undergo this procedure generally complain of irritation, personal hygiene problems and pain while exercising. This procedure is carried out in an outpatient location and includes a conservative cut down of the labia minora.

Who Is A Good Candidate For  Vaginal Rejuvenation or Labia Reduction Surgery?

This treatment is desirable for females who wish to improve the size, shape or symmetry of their labia minora to address functional or psychosocial issues.

How To Prepare For Vaginal Rejuvenation?

It is important for you to talk to Dr. Haque at the consultation to express your particular needs and concerns before you undergo surgery.

Recovering After Surgery

This procedure is conducted under local or under general anesthesia. Afterwards, you will need to avoid sexual intercourse and vigorous exercise about four weeks after the surgery. The stitches typically dissolve on their own.

Schedule an Appointment

This procedure is a private one so you must feel at ease talking about it with a doctor. Dr. Haque will sensitively address your concerns and questions during your consultation.

To learn more about this treatment and if it is right for you, feel free to Contact Us for a private consultation in our office conveniently located in the Arboretum.