Queen City Plastic Surgery offers a range of procedures to help eliminate excess fat and loose skin while improving the contours of the body. Many of our patients say these procedures not only improve body shape but also boost self-confidence, creating a positive impact on their personal and professional lives.

For patients seeking to tone, tighten, and smooth their skin, Dr Haque offers advanced procedures that can be performed as standalone treatments or in combination for a more comprehensive renewal of the body.  Whether you want to reduce fat through liposuction or enhance your shape through a Brazilian butt lift we can meet your needs.

Body contouring options include:

Dr. Haque will listen to your goals and help you decide which procedure (or combination of procedures) can deliver the results you seek. Since each of our patients has unique objectives and individual needs, the consultation as a time to create a customized approach for you. We work with you to design a surgical plan that addresses your specific cosmetic concerns.

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